Women Empowerment Programme

The Social Enterprise

Shatila Studio is a non-for-profit company with a strong social agenda. We are run by refugee women for refugee women. Our HQ is right inside the camp. We are not run from afar or from above.  All profits are fed back into the company to help the studio and our beneficiaries – the artisans – grow and develop.

The Business Team

The core team meets once a week to discuss the progress of the enterprise and find solutions to bottle necks. During these meetings the business figures are disclosed with total transparency. On the wall in our office there are three charts: monthly revenue, monthly profit, accumulative profit.

In addition, once a month the core team and all embroidery artisans meet for a morning. This is a chance for the team to update the artisans about the progress of the studio, and for the artisans to raise concerns and suggestions. If an artisan doesn’t feel comfortable to speak up in a meeting, we have a ‘Suggestion & Complaints box’ to leave anonymous notes.

English Classes

The core team receives once a week tailored English classes. After only four months we can now all talk about the products and the studio in English. Come and visit us! We can communicate with each other.

Last Saturday we had an exhibition in Gemmayzeh. I stood in front of the audience and talked about Shatila Studio, in English and without notes. I was so happy that I succeeded in breaking through my fear barrier.

Boushra Bakeer


Twice a week we have a yoga session. One session for the core team and one for the embroidery artisans. We would love to do the sessions together but there is not enough space in our studio for such a big group.

For our Yoga sessions we collaborate with Koun, a Lebanese NGO that teaches Yoga to unprivileged communities in Lebanon.

The first three yoga classes were so painful, physically and emotionally. I’d finish the class and cry for an hour without knowing it’s a form of emotional and mental purification. Now, after four months of practice, I feel much more peaceful and my state of mind is positively affecting my relationship with my children.

Fatimah Khalifa

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