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(The photo above show the corridor in our studio)

Come to Shatila to meet the team and see our artisans in action. The women of Shatila Studio rarely leave the camp, even into the center of Beirut. However, we love having visitors. The team have also started learning English and are desperate to practice and show you around!

If you’re in Beirut and want to see Shatila Studio for yourself, send us an email at and we would love to have you!


Shatila is located in the southern suburbs of Beirut, just off the main highway which leads to the airport. Taxis/ Ubers won’t take you into the camp itself, but will drop you at the entrance off the main highway if you tell them you want to go to “Souk Sabra”.  The entrance to the camp is off the highway on your right, just underneath an overpass. You’ll see lots of fruit and vegetable stalls in the entrance.

If you say “Shatila” to your taxi driver, they will take you to a different entrance much further from Shatila Studio. The place Uber registers as ‘Shatila’ is also the other entrance, so ask for “Souk Sabra” or redirect the driver to the entrance off the highway (“hed el autostrad” – “next to the highway”).

Once you’re in the camp, it’s pretty much a straight line along the main street to Shatila Studio. We’re on the opposite side of the road from the big water tower with the huge key of return on it, in a building which says Médecins Sans Frontières. The entrance is tucked away on the left after a small shop, and the stairs up are straight ahead.

We’re on the second floor.

If you get lost or want someone to find you at the entrance to the camp, call us on +961 71 646845.

Where we are in Beirut
The entrance to the camp
Finding Shatila Studio inside the camp

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