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If you can’t buy one of our products but you still believe in what we do, there are lots of other ways to get involved.

Wasta, one of the most important words in Arabic, loosely translates as ‘clout’, or ‘knowing the right people’. Wasta is what we need going forward, so if you happen to know anybody who organises big events, works in a large corporate firm or a fashion label, has a famous face to appear in our advertising or even anyone who runs a local shop, please put us in contact with them!

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Visit us. Come to Shatila to meet the team and watch our artisans at work. The women of Shatila Studio rarely leave the camp, even into the center of Beirut. However, we love having visitors. The team have also started learning English and are desperate to practice and show you around!

Volunteer with us. Whether you are in Lebanon or abroad, we value volunteers to support us with marketing, finding clients and skills training for our employees. Volunteers in the past have done everything from building connections with potential clients from home, to making a film about us, to sorting out our storeroom. Volunteers have stayed for anything from 3 days to 6 months, so if you have a skill that we could use and any time on your hands, send us an email to to join the team!

Donate. We consider donations however big or small an investment in our future. Donations contribute to developing the business, investing in new equipment and ultimately contribute to our aim of providing as many refugee women as possible with a sustainable income. To donate, email

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