Co-Director of Shatila Studio

War is terrible but good things can come from it.

Niveen is Co-Director, Line Production Manager and CFO of Shatila Studio.

Born 1980 in Yarmouk, Damascus, Syria. She arrived in Shatila in 2013.

Niveen could have emigrated to Europe, but she gave her place to her brother. He had been injured and could no longer find work in Lebanon. The family pooled all their money. Niveen’s brother now lives in Gemany while she herself remains in Shatila with her husband and three children. She is happy for her brother’s good fortune and has come to terms with being a Syrian refugee in the Shatila Camp. It is true that without the war she might not have studied accounting. She certainly would not have worked her way from being an artisan embroider to co-director of the camp’s largest employer.

Niveen has also created our “Niveen collection”. This is a line of traditional Palestinian hand-embroidery items with a modern twist. For these products she uses techniques learnt from her mother when growing up in the Yarmouk camp in Damascus.

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