Procurement and Inventory Officer

I have dreams like everyone else, but in the Shatila Studio these dreams can become real.

Fatimah is the Procurement and Inventory Officer of Shatila Studio.

Born 1978 in Jaulan, Syria, she fled to Lebanon in 2012

Fatimah is the oldest child of six girls and five boys. Her mother married at age 12 and gave birth to Fatimah when she was 15. She insisted that her daughter be married at 16. Despite having three small sons, Fatimah finished her school education and then opened up her own beauty salon which she ran for 10 years until the war broke out. When she arrived in the refugee camp, she succumbed to a deep depression. She hated her new home. It had no electricity and no natural light. And she didn’t have enough money to send her three sons to school. Then a friend told her about the Women’s Workshop, later re-branded as the Shatila Studio. Fatimah joined as a trainee artisan in 2014.  In 2017 she gave birth to a daughter. Now Fatimah’s ambition is to help Shatila Studio become a successful business so that she can send her daughter to a good school.

Fatimah fiercely advocates against early marriage. She wants to educate mothers about the traumatic effect this practice can have on their daughters. She would love you all to buy our Jafra Doll. By buying this doll you support a group of women in Shatila who use stand-up comedy to debate the dangers of early marriage.

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