The Watan Bucket Bag

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This designer bucket bag is an essential for anyone who wants to have something no-one else has. A statement piece where bold design meets a powerful story.

Created in collaboration with Lebanese-Armenian designer Missak Hajiavedikian and based on life in Shatila.

Each bag is signed in thread by the artisan who embroidered it.

Details: External fabric heavy linen. Two bags in one: Bucket bag contains detachable shoulder bag inside. Both bags are lined. Handwoven macrame handles, which can be interchanged.



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Dimensions 16 × 21 cm

the story

Questions begin circling in my mind as we penetrate ever deeper into their maze of muddy alley and low-hanging electrical cables. For a moment I turn my face upwards and catch a glimpse of the sky. I observe a flock of pigeons escaping.

Reham arrives with her family from Syria in Shatila. She is ‘ba’id ‘an’ al-Watan’ – far from her home. But like inside the big bag there is a small bag embroidered with the word “Watan” or “home country,’ Reham may live in Shatila but she carries her Watan inside her heart.





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