Jafra Doll


Two dolls in one. Wear this doll chime on your bag as a Happy/Unhappy doll. If you have a good day, show her smile. If you have a difficult day, show her tears.

By purchasing this doll, you support The Women’s Committee in Shatila.


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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 20 cm

the story

When you buy this doll, you contribute to an important cause in Shatila: raising awareness among mothers and daughters about the traumatic effects of child marriage.

Jafra was a girl who loved to dance in her purple dress. Her life changed abruptly when her father decided to marry her to Abu Mahmoud – an older man to whom the family owed money.

Child marriages occur all too often in Shatila. £5 from each doll will be donated to The Women’s Committee of Shatila who address this issue with stand-up comedy and theatre performances inside the camp.


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