(above: Rana Salam bags, made by Shatila Studio)

No order too small, no order to large.

To discuss a bespoke order, please contact us on This e-mail is reviewed daily by Meike and her team.

We create bespoke needle work – tailor, embroidery and crochet work. Our customers include a range of international individuals and institutions including the US company Cargill, Italian corporation Barilla, Lebanese designer Rana Salam, the Ana Doll Collection, and Spanish shoe designer Gioseppo.

We want to truly thank the dedicated women for the work. Each thread they stitch into our dolls is a beautiful whisper of their hard work, talent and resilience. They have helped us give a loud, powerful voice to our dolls and initiative.

Marianne Moussalli, The Ana Collection, Lebanon

We produce the entire product, such as teddy bears, purses and bags, or a part of the product, such as embroidery work for shoes and shirts. Sometimes the customer brings the design to us. Sometimes we develop the design with them.

We ordered a consignment of scarves as gifts, which were delivered internationally within two weeks. The scarves were beautifully crafted and the recipients were thrilled.

Tarek Mansour, McKinsey Middle East, Dubai

We can execute against large orders since we have access and business relationships with over 1000 Syrian women living in refugee camps across Lebanon skilled in many varieties of needlework.

We are very grateful for the extra effort you took to create the beautiful bags and bookmarks and deliver them in such an efficient manner.

Kristen Anderson, Barilla Group, Italy

Orders that we love doing

Corporate Event

Provide your employees and stakeholders with a hand-made, fair-trade and high quality item they can use every day. Your costumers will remember you for years. Each item provides sustainable work, a safe working environment and an income to a woman refugee in Shatila camp. Each piece is unique and comes with the embroidered signature of the artisan who proudly crafted the the product using traditional techniques passed on for generations. We’ll work with you to create a unique design that represents your values.

Corporate Conference

Make meetings more bearable with bespoke gifts for your delegates. We can design an order to suit you! With your gifts you will support an exciting new social enterprise from its inception. Initiate a long term relationship between your company and Shatila Studio, showing your support for social innovation, sustainable development and women refugee empowerment.

Wedding/ 50th Birthday Bash

Make it the party of the year by spoiling your guests. Indulge with a conscience! You could order a selection of our bookmarks as place holders, or a set of small pouches or totes as grown-up party bags. Or, if you’d rather, we can have a chat about creating a set of bespoke gifts based on our or your designs.

Santa Grotto

Always stuck on what to get for birthdays and Christmas presents? Restock your present supply and give your friends and relations gifts you won’t find anywhere else. You can choose from amongst our products and we will customise them for you.

Baby Shower

Shower your guests too with gifts from our collection. This could be anything from our passport pouches, to our pencil cases, make-up bags, totes, or our hand-stitched ‘Jafra’ crochet dolls. All with a unique touch by you.


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