Shatila Studio is an embroidery workshop inside the oldest refugee camp in the world. We embroider by hand. No machines. We work to order, and we create our own collections. Every item is unique. Every item tells a story.

our stories

We are the largest social enterprise in the Shatila refugee camp in Beirut, Lebanon. We are run by Syrian refugee women for Syrian and Palestinian refugee women. We provide a sustainable income for 100 artisans.

shatila studio changes lives

  • shatila

    Shatila is a refugee camp in Beirut. Set up in 1948 for 3,000 Palestinian refugees, it now houses 40,000 people following the Syrian crisis.

  • Women Entrepreneurs

    Shatila Studio is run by Syrian refugee women for Syrian and Palestinian women from right inside the camp. The Syrian war has brought us together.

  • handmade products with a story

    The harsh conditions of Shatila bring forth beautiful needle art. With every stitch our artisans tell their own stories, producing unique, stunning items.

with gratitude to

  • BZ-Relief-and-Development

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